Maryland SmartBuy Program

Did you know you can pay off your student loan debt while buying your first home in the state of Maryland? You can, now!. Maryland's new SmartBuy Program gives you money to directly pay off your student loan while you are in the mortgage and home buying process. You can receive up to 15% of the purchase price of the home you are buying to pay off your debt. This eliminates a big obstacle and challenge for many during the mortgage qualification process! 

The Maryland SmartBuy Program:

  • Gives you up to 15% of your home's purchase price to eliminate the debt;
  • Provides you with one easy monthly payment;
  • Enables you to access attractive financing & closing cost assistance;
  • Ensures a safe, streamlined, & straightforward home buying experience;

Get Help Now!
You must be able to qualify to purchase through the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP), a popular first time buyer assistance program, in order to get the SmartBuy funds. The MMP program is primarily income-based dependent upon your household size and which Maryland County you want to buy a home in. The program is not as complicated as you think, if you are under the direction of a qualified and trained Realtor


We are SmartBuy Realtors

Are you interested in using SmartBuy to make homebuying easier? Our realtors work with home buyers interested in using SmartBuy to purchase a home, the Maryland Mortgage Program and a variety of other state, city and private mortgage programs. We're licensed in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Check us out at